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Re: [ihc] And The Landry Spaketh Unto Me...

> Guess I might go that way... My only remaining question here is, "Add
> or "Forget hooks"?  Must have more data...
> Peace,
> --Pete


Mine has the "built-in" loop on one end, the other end is just plain and
flat.  I often use the end around a piece of frame rail or something, then
fed through the loop, then I literally just tie the other end to the towing
vehicle, stationary object (anchor) or whatever, and away I go or whatever I
am doing.  Of course, these weights cause the knot to get rather taut, but
the strap is about 4" flat, and it is always easy enough to push some of it
back through enough to loosen it for untying.

Good Luck!


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