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Re: [ihc] Parking brake cable lubing

> Why not just remove the inner cable and put grease on it as you slide it
> back in?
> -Ryan

  That works pretty good, but you don't end up getting much grease
worked down to the tranny end with that approach.  

Having done this on several different vehicles, I have to fill you in 
on how it goes (at least for me):
Due to the end fitting, it must be done from the speedo end.  So you 
take the speedo out and one of the electrical pins pulls off the back
as you remove the connector.  %#^@^(.  Now pull the inner core out.
Its greasy and is like a snake.  Now you got grease on your shirt.  
Oops, now it is on the seat. $^%@&$.  Dangit, now you dropped
the core in the dirt!  #$%$#&.  

OK, so now you clean the core up real nice.  Only, due to its 
construction, it's always greasy so anything it touches has a greasy 
line on it.  If you are thinking, you might coil it up in a plastic bag
so it doesn't get all over the seat as you try to feed it back in.

So now you start feeding it back in, slathering it with grease
as you go.  Of course, it hangs up.  #$^@$#@.  Usually you 
can twist it and get it to continue.  Wait, can't do that with it 
in a bag.  So much for the smart idea...Get a helper to hold the 
end back along the side of the truck.  Now you start twisting 
as you smear grease on it and push past the hangup point.

Eventually it goes all the way back in.  Now you can fix that
broken electrical pin on the back of the speedometer.  Oh,
you forgot about that and put it all back together?  Now 
some light on the speedo doesn't work right--%$&$#%&.
Take it apart again to fix the pin.

But how much grease really made it past the first 2 feet of 
housing?  Usually enough to make it turn better and get rid 
of the jumpy needle, but probably not much down on the 
tranny end.  

I was going to post a link to one of the grease gun adaptors,
but now I can't find one online.  I'd swear it was either the 
J.C. Whitney or Eastwood catalogs I've seen them in.

Allan W.

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