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Re: [ihc] gold box questions

> >> The Gold Box probably isn't the problem. It
> wouldn't change the
> >> timing. It is time to check the plug wires,
> distributor cap, rotor,
> >> vacuum leaks, coil, etc.

I'd agree. Our schout used to cut out & die, and then
restart after a few minutes. Good thing it is a
4speed, as keeping it in gear, keeps the engine
turning & the PS pump working, as it would always die
when I was driving. It was a prestolite distributor,
and dad said he thins the circuit board was cracked.
New distributor, problem solved. 

> > thanks john.  the wires, cap and rotor are less
> than a year old and the
> coil
> > is new.  the thing is, it runs great w/ the old
> gold box in it.  the truck
> > is just dying at of course inoppurtune times! 
> when it dies, there is no
> > fire at the coil.  after a bit, it fires back up. 
> when i switched in the
> > new gold box, thats when it ran really rough and
> wouldnt stay running at
> > idle.  put the old box back in and its runs fine.
> >
> > i took bill's advice and checked and fixed up the
> grounds.  it didnt help
> > the new box run any better, but maybe it will help
> the old box!
> >
> > hope you had a great thanksgiving!
> >
> > mitch

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