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Re: [ihc] trans mounts on T19 from T18?

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From: "T.R.E.Jr." <T_R_E_Jr@domain.elided>
To: "Joel M Brodsky" <jmbrodsky@domain.elided>; <ihc@domain.elided>
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2003 06:02
Subject: Re: [ihc] trans mounts on T19 from T18?

 Is it possible you have the crossmember in wrong? Is it possible
> your motor mount is broken?
> ---Thank you,
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I *think* he was going from a T18 to a T19, so the crossmember should be
correct.  I asked about the motor mounts already and he told me that there
is no way a motor mount can break in a way to allow the motor to move
forwards and backwards, only up or down.


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