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RE: [ihc] RA15/RA20 What a can of worms:)

## >> No, you can't use a 15 inch rim. They won't fit over the
## >> drums, and they
## >> won't fit over the calipers after you convert. Forget it,
## >> don't even go
## >> there, use 16 inch or larger rims, and pick them after you do the
## >> conversion.

whoa.  back the truck up.  are you saying it might be possible to convert to
disc brakes on an RA15?  'cause, like...  if there are disc rotors that will
fit these things, i am *ALL* over it like a rash.  16" discs like Greg was
talking about on the Raba axle might not be do-able in my case (i happen to
LIKE my 16" splitrims), but maybe 14" discs?  all the way around?

'course, if i can find the 18" splitrims that i want, i could probably go
with 15" discs, assuming there are some that will fit the axle.  so.  are
there such discs, in *any* size, that will fit?  regardless of the expense,
if such a conversion is possible, it means that those of us who have them
can keep them, and i'd much rather keep my IH axle than change to something


Take care and be well, all thee and thine;

May the Hamr lend thee Strength and Courage,
May the Twin Ravens lend thee Wisdom and Guidance,
May the Wolves Guard and Protect thee, and
May the Light of Harmony ever shine brightly upon thee and thine,
Through all thy Life's Journeys, from this life unto the next!

Hail the Gods and Goddesses of our Folk!

Krystof "Mac" MacBryghde


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