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[ihc] Any lists, etc. that are as good as this for other makes of vehicles?

Hello to all,

I have not posted anything to this list in over a year since I sold my second Travelall, but I still read the posts in spite of not owning any Internationals and find the posts interesting and sometimes learn new things.

And my apologies for an off topic post.

Which brings me to the point - I am looking for resources such as this list and the Binder Bulletin for Ford pickups - does any one have any ideas? (I have a 1955 Ford pickup.)

Or is this unique due to the character of the average IH driver? I actually had other IH drivers wave at me just because I had a nice 1110 Travellall and even had a passenger in a very expensive new (at the time) Honda sports car wave at me in my rather beatup $1000 1210 travelall.

Thanks for any advice or pointers.


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