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[ihc] Re: Smokeing Question

Yikes!  Now I'm sufficiently freaked out!

I have noticed small puddles of water beneath the exhaust outlets when I
first start-up and let warm-up.  I chalked it up to condensation.  Could
this be related?  The smoking I notice occurs after the motor is warmed up.

The gas is the same grade from the same station as is in my car and my
wife's (I always use the same in everything, unless traveling)...  No
changes there.  Do any of the fuel conditioners from the parts store work?
I may add a bottle...

I opened the radiator cap and the coolant is sitting about 1/2" from the top
of the radiator.  Don't know if that tells me anything or not.

I don't see any water or bubbles on the dipstick.  I'm changing my oil
tonight and will keep an eye for water.

I'm going wheeling/camping this weekend, so as usual, I'll have something to
worry about.  :)

Thanks All!

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From: "John Hofstetter" <hofs@domain.elided>
To: "Skip Duplissey" <scoutii@domain.elided>
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Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2003 1:10 PM
Subject: Re: [ihc] Smokeing Question

> On Thursday, October 23, 2003, at 07:43  AM, Skip Duplissey wrote:
> > My next question is another basic one...  I have white smoke coming
> > out of
> > my exhaust at idle.  Could someone please explain to me what causes
> > this?
> > My motor has about 1,100 miles, so I'm hoping it's just running rich???
> >
> Running rich produces black smoke.  Burning oil produces a bluish, oily
> smelling, smoke. Water produces white smoke. You could have a leaky
> head gasket, although Toms suggestion of water in the gas tank sounds
> like a much nicer cause of the problem.
> My guess is the head gasket. I hope that Im wrong.
> John Hofstetter
> www.goldrush.com/~hofs

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