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Re: [ihc] scout sighting

---Well, I got that one 3 mos before the movie came out. Had two trailers
downloaded to the computer, one of which showed the entire scene where the
Scout rolls. Matter of fact, I am watching it right now on DVD. It was an
orange `78 going by the tail lights and grille. Both which were chrome and
the tail lights being the metal housings. Also has the flip-down license
plate holder.

---It was depressing at first to see it flip over, but it was a cancered out
Scout II, nearly as bad on the outside as my `78 Michigan Scout II was. They
didn't look too warm inside it either. Got to hear it crank up with the high
torque GM starter, cranked like mine used to before I got trapped by this
AutoZone Triangle of crappy lifetime starters. Had some good shots of it
charging a snow drift, jumping a grade, jumping a log and prior to the
wreck, barreling up the snowy mountainside so they could have enough speed
to reach the top of the mountain road. Reminded me of the bond between my
`78 and I when I lived up in the Great White North.

---There is a lot of free stuff at the WB site for the movie. WMP9 skin, QT
skin, photo gallery, screen savers, etc. Check it out

---FWIW, I am downloading the dreamcatcher skin for my WMP9. Dreamcatchers
are cool. I used to make them up in Michigan for the locals and child's
dreamcatchers were free with the purchase of a medium or large sized...
leather wrapped too. They sold pretty good at the trading post up there.
`cept back then, you had to figure out how to make them, you didn't just buy
a kit and do it in 20 minutes by directions. Had a Sioux Brother teasing me
the whole time I was trying... the first one came out like a spiders web...
he told me I was on the right track. ;-)

---Thank you,
-`73 Scout II (StoneThrower)
-`51 Farmall H (Heinz)
-`49 IH fridge (presently unnamed and in need of a compressor)
-`49 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4-door Sedan (Papapalooza)

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> This one may have already been shared.  In the movie dreamcatchers, one of
> the principals drives a (this is a guess, due to the grill) 72 scout II.
> Sadly he wipes it out.  But you get some really good shots of the truck :)
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