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RE: [ihc] Tire & Wheel Questions

## >> A lot of ford 1/2 tons are the same bolt pattern.  I don't
## >> know if they all
## >> have the correct center hole, but at least some do.
## >>
## >> Look for say late 60's until 90's ford half ton 4x4 rims (and
## >> maybe 2wd ones
## >> too, just check the center hole in all cases).  The
## >> interchangeability will
## >> end whenever they changed to metric.
## >>
## >> Also... a lot of older jeeps have the correct rims.

for a while i owned a two wheel drive 1974 Ford Econoline 100 van...  it had
the exact same lug pattern and center hole on its wheels as my 1010
TravelAll and our Scout 800A have.  in fact, it came from the factory with
14" white wagon wheels on it identical to the 15" white wagon wheels that
are currently on the 1010.  as far as i have been able to determine, all
Ford truck and van 5-lug wheels from the '60s through the early '80s are
this pattern.  if i am remembering correctly, many lighter Dodge pickups
from the '60s and '70s also have this same 5-lug wheel pattern.

you've got to be careful about which Jeeps you take the wheels from.  the
older J series pickups and wagoneers/cherokees share the wheel pattern with
IHC, Dodge, and Ford, but the newer Jeeps do not, and i do not know what
pattern is on the Jeeps from WWII and the period immediately afterwards, but
somehere i've gotten the idea in my head that they don't fit our vehicles
either.  a good friend back in CA has a 1972 J20 pickup, same wheel pattern
as the Scout/1010.  my dad's got a 1988 Cherokee Chief, it has 5-lug 15"
wheels...  their lug pattern is smaller than what's on the Scout/1010.
smaller than what's on our '71 C/10 Chevy pickup, too, if i remember right.
which brings up another point.  two wheel drive Chevrolet/GM products from
the late '60s and early '70s do not share a wheel pattern with the rest.
they're slightly smaller.  the same size as 4x2 Scout 80s and maybe early
4x2 800s, i'm pretty sure.  one thing i know...  4x2 Scout 80s (and maybe
4x2 early 800s) have smaller lug patters than 4x4 Scout 80s and 800s.

at any rate, if it were me, i think i'd stick with the wheels from a '70s
Ford halfton.  i *know* those fit.


Take care and be well, all thee and thine;

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