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RE: [ihc] question of fuel readings Poll

Well i'm running the 30gal tank, uses straps instead of directly bolted to
the frame.

I get at full tank, dead on the full mark. At 3/4 mark i have used about
5gal (20 litres). At half mark about 10gal (40 litres). At 1/4 mark about 20
gal (60 litres), after that I don't know accurately, because it takes so
long to change. 

When I first installed the tank, I put in about 2-1/2 gal made no change to
the gas gauge display. I know that when i first filled the tank from dry it
took 110 litres. 

It is wired with a direct ground from the batt, and a new feed to the
firewall. I had to replace the rear wiring harness a couple years ago, and
redid the whole rear harness with direct ground feeds to all the lights and
acc at the back.

Jason C. should speak here as well since i know he has a 33gal that bolts
directly to the frame.

Marc Kruithof
'66 IH scout 800
'77 IH Scout Traveler (Terra right now)
'74 IH 200 Camper Special (Project ?)

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Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 12:16:14 -0700
From: John Fleck <john@domain.elided>
Subject: [ihc] question of fuel readings Poll

Quick poll. I am curious.

When you guys have installed a 33 gallon tank with the new supplied
unit and your guage does not read right(IE half full when its full, or
full when its full...etc) what did you find the problem to be. Corroded
wires, resistor on back of guage on dash burned out....?????? I would
to know what the most common problem is. I have played with some but it
never the same thing twice.

John Fleck
3351 Northlake Way NW
Bremerton, WA. 98312
e-mail jfleck@domain.elided

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