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Nicely done Ryan, "Federal"= "49 state"

Very nicely done, Ryan.  You went to a reliable reference material and
provided the appropriate information for anyone else to find where your
quote came from.
No "I've been told by someone I consider an expert" or " I remember hearing
somewhere" or " I am correct because I have believed this for a long time"

Again, very nicely done.  You are getting your money's worth out of college.

Edward J Sohm
Battle Creek, IA
'71 800B
'74 200 Travelette Camper Special (converted to 4X4)
+ 10 or 12 more including a very rare and special "small center hole rim
using" '73 1110 Travelall.

> You got me on enough enough that I went down and grabbed the service
> can and brought it back up here, dug out the manuals and looked for where
> saw it.
> I was thinking "50 state" as in they only have the requirements needed for
> all 50 states... However.... it says "49 state systems - not california,"
> other places they are simply referred to as "49 state engines" or by the
> other designator I cover in the next paragraph... so they are 49 state
> engines, not 50 state....
> It does call the "49 state" engines "Federal" engines as I had recalled.
> example sentence, quoted direcly from Page 3 of CTS-2733, which is in
> II of the two volume 1978-1980 set:
>  "As indicated on the exhaust emmission effects chart some California
> engines are equipped with additional emission controls than the Federal
> Engines.  This is because of more stringent air pollution standards in
> California than the other 49 states.  In this service manual, Federal
> to engines sold in all States except California."
> So... we have at least established that IH at least used the term
> to apply to the non california vehicles... did they always use it for that
> purpose?  Did they use it for other purposes too?
> -Ryan

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