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RE: "federal" vehicles and emissions (long-winded as usual)

## >> On that note.... T.R.E...  is it possible that the "federal"
## >> part of your
## >> 304 just means it was a 50 state truck?  Just notice that the
## >> non CA/ smog
## >> etc scouts are reffered to as "Federal" vehicles in the
## >> service manual...

that's not exactly right, Ryan.  it is possible that "Federal" does refer to
the non-smog vehicles, but if so, those are not "50-state" vehicles.
50-state vehicles are those that pass the emissions requirements of all 50
states.  if the "Federal" vehicles are without CA emissions equipment then i
don't see how they could be 50-state, as for the year they were made they
wouldn't have been allowed to be sold in California (and probably not Utah
either, as i hear they had some fairly stringent emissions laws in the mid
to late '70s too) without the required hardware.

both of my 1972 TravelAlls are 50-state trucks with identical engines and
emissions equipment.  both have the 392 with A.I.R. system, fully intact and
functional, and no EGR.  they both had factory AC too, but neither one works
(the 1010's has no fluid, the 1110's pump is sitting in my closet).  both
originally had Holley 4-barrel carbs and points ignition as well, which the
1010 still has, though the 1110 came to me with a Holley Pro-Jection and
Crane FireBall XR3000 electronc ignition (and isn't strictly smog-legal with
those, either).  the 1010 was a CA truck from the beginning and apparently
never left the state, whereas the 1110 was first sold in Utah, later resold
in Oregon (and perhaps other places in between, all i know is where i got it
in Oregon and where the lineset shows it being delivered when new, Salt Lake
City), then brought into CA.

anyway, my point is that either a given vehicle is a 50-state model and has
all the emissions equipment to meet all states' emissions requirements of
the given year, or it does not and therefore is not 50-state.  if "Federal"
designated engines don't have CA emissions equipment, then i'm pretty
certain there's no way they could be 50-state engines.

have i been redundant enough throughout this post?  i was trying my best,
you know.  +)


Take care and be well, all thee and thine;

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May the Light of Harmony ever shine brightly upon thee and thine,
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Hail the Gods and Goddesses of our Folk!

Krystof "Mac" MacBryghde


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