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Re: Tom's bouncing compression - SOLN?

> I sorta had it, what do I win?
> I 'll bet I win the experience to never make this mistake.  Of course
> there
> are plenty of others to make.


Yeah, a lot like how I forgot to put the front oil galley plug in, behind
the disty, on my 345.. "Don't make that mistake again".. I haven't.. now
I'm putting lifters together wrong.. ;)

> Good it is fairly simple, too bad you swapped motors.  Don't you hate
> getting at the bell-housing bolts on '74/'75s?

Actually, I LIKE my 74-75 bellhousing bolts.

Since I have "no" interior, I just pull the tranny tunnel cover off.  I
can then get to all 6 bellhousing bolts from the cab, with my impact
wrench.  Sometimes a wobble-socket is helpful for the lower corners, but
otherwise it's a snap.

Of course, I discovered this AFTER I fought to get the lower and mid bolts
out by hand while taking the 345 out..

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