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Re: Tom's bouncing compression

I may have to run home at lunch and look at a motor, but here is my guess
for now.  The lifters for #7 are flat because of a plug missing in the
valley.  That or the exhaust lifter for # 7 is stuck up causing that valve
to not close.  Especially since you said " the answer is staring right at
you in the first pic.", The #7 exhaust lifter is reflecting the flash back
at us.

My guess FWIW.


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Subject: Re: Tom's bouncing compression

> Anyone else care to hazard a guess?
> I think I found the culprit.. QUITE perplexing, but easily fixed, I do
> believe.
> Take a look here -
> http://tigger.tmcom.com/~tsm1/gallery/album07/dcp_0255
> For those wanting to see more, go up to the album and you can see more
> clues.. the piston (usually to the "right" in the pictures for #7,
> "bottom" of the head, on the floor), but the answer is staring right at
> you in the first pic.
> Michelle pointed it out to me.. *smack* duh...
> I'll write some more tomorrow if no one's figured it out. :D

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