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RE: Thought on Holley 2300


I have a 2300 on my 67 Mustang.  When I bought the Carb it had a manual
choke.  I bought a Holley kit to convert it over to an electric choke.  I
don't have the part number but a little research at Holleys site or the
local parts counter, and you should be able to order one.


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Hello all....
This is the first time that I've posted to the digest in about 6 years but I
still receive them all and read every single one so I'm only coming out of
I've been having problems with the 2245 2-barrel on my '76 Scout 304 for the
past 2-3 months and I reconditioned the accel pump so many times that I just
wanted out of the carb with no more problems. I had a 2210 factory rebuild
around for several years and after mounting it I had problems with it as
I took the 2245 in to a local shop in Portland for a rebuild and they told
it was a piece of garbage carb to begin with and not to waste my money
rebuilding it. The carb guy told me that IH used the 2300 for a couple years
and that it would mount right up and was a far better carb. I posted to the
bulletin looking for info but I thought I'd try here as well. I've never
the 2300 outside of Ford applications and I'm wondering if it's a good
for my specific use. Is it a true "bolt-on" option. I have a 4 speed tranny
linkage isn't an issue but I'm still a little curious about the choke side
linkage? I ordered a 2300 from the local parts shop today and it looks like
there is a manual choke? Is there an electric conversion available or do I
have to start drilling holes for a manual cable?
Thanks for all the info and years of reading.
Ryan Goldade
Portland OR

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