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> Hopefully.  That mean you're gonna tone down those speeds?

:D  "Tone down" from 60?  Probably not.  Avoid 75?  Yeah.

First 100 miles to Bozeman is pretty flat with one gradual upslope 60
miles into it.

After that, we'll be going through Yellowstone, which is
twisty/turny/hilly, but congested with tourists stopping in the middle of
the road to pet/get gored by the Buffaloes/Elk/Moose/whatever.

45mph speedlimit through the park, which is 2100rpm in high gear for me.

Then about 200-250 miles into the trip we should come out through the
Grand Tetons and into Wyoming.. more winding climbing roads to Willy's

> Tom, while you're meeting robert, can you ask him if he's gotten his most
> recent PM's  (within the past week or two) regarding a possible travelall
> donor for his rolled tow rig?

He's been having PC problems.. I know that much. :D

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