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Re: '77 Terra carb

>>From information I have gathered over the past couple days, apparently
>> Terra's with 304's were supplied with either a Holley 2210 or 2300 carb.
>> in the 1977 model year.
> What are the differences between the two, and are there advantages to one
> over the other?


I like the 2300s.  They're more or less "half of a 4bbl" with a multitude
of tuning options and "hop up" items available.

Not so for the 2210.  What you have is what you get.  For the 2300, you
can get the offroad needle n' seat, transfer slot widgets (don't recall
the name), assortment of jets and powervalves, deeper bowls, deeper jets
if you wanted 'em.. just a lot more aftermarket and tuning stuff out

OTOH, if you have a 2210 and it works and you're happy.. no reason to switch.

Also, you'll need a new air cleaner housing.  The 2300 uses the larger
"4bbl" size opening, while the 2210 uses a smaller air horn.

I don't have anything using a 2210 any more, though I'll probably put one
on my mom's '74 SII, since I'm out of good useable 2300s at the moment. :)

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