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Stumbling through some of my father's old car stuff, I found a Faza 
sports-car catalog from the early to mid-60s. The company had an 
address in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The catalog shows 
Abarth and high-performance stuff for all the cool foreign cars now
long gone. (anyone know what an "Ogle" is?, ditto for Daf?)

There are lots of pictures of the many Abarths. And lengthy performance 
& technical articles. Quite a few articles for the Fiat 600. (including Abarth
kits & conversions for the 600) 

One could purchase complete Abarth cars, Abarth 2 liter DOHC 
engines, 1600cc formula engines, full kits or whatever. (pant pant)

My questions are these?

Is this the same Faza company now located in California and advertising
Abarth stuff in Hemmings?

Is there a good book, article, archive, or whatever, which outlines
how true Abarths are different from Fiats, what constitutes and
authentic conversion (If there is such a thing) from a backyard stuff. 
Some material which covers the 128 would also be nice. 

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