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FFO '98 survey

As one of the organizers of this mostly Fiat Lancia event, I was hoping
to get a rough idea how many if any people from the ICD plan on
attending.  If you plan on making the trip, drop me a not that says
YES.  Also indicate what kind of car you are going to drive so I can
make sure we cover that model for a class in the show.

The event is sponsored by FLU and is in its 15th year.  this event
usually has close to 100 cars and prides itself on being a drivers
event, plenty of go, not all show.  This years Freakout will be held at
Fontana Village Resort in the mountians of North Carolina.  We have a
weekend planned so if you are interested, make those reservations now
and let me know.

Call 1-800-849-2258 for more info and reservations.
Brett Melancon
Art Director
Freeman Melancon Bryant Advertising
Knoxville, Tennessee
East Tennessee Italian Car Club, President
91 Alfa Romeo 164S (hauler)
91 Nissan Pathfinder (Family hauler)
81 Fiat X1/9 (RHD, Imported from England on the QE2)
85 Bertone X1/9 (experiment on rust and Italian cars)
96 "Fiat" Lawnmoweropia (12.5hp red convertible)
49 Caddy pedal car (Token American Iron)

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