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Re: trivia

>Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 12:38:14 +0000
>From: Omicron Engineering Ltd/Andrew Cliffe <sales@domain.elided> (Omicron Engineering Ltd/Andrew Cliffe )
>Subject: Re: trivia
>Some people say the front of the garage is where the front of the car is.
>This is an argument that has been running on and off here at Omicron for a
>couple of years!  
>The majority agrees that the front is the door, and the back is the wall.

Keep in mind that not everyone parks their cars head in.

I think the nose of my Alfa looks better than the tail so I tend to
want to show that part of the car more.  Also, parking tail-in takes
advantage of sunlight when you are inspecting the engine and clean-ups
are easier when draining fluids.

'85 GTV-6

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