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"Brian Doody" <Brian.Doody@domain.elided>  wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone could supply me with the correct 
> NGK cross-reference for a
> Champion RC7BYC spark plug.
> BCP7ET is whats been suggested by a parts warehouse but 
> I'm not so sure they know what they are talking about!!!

My NGK catalog (1995) lists the BCP7ET as a replacement for
Champion's C6BYC plug.

I think the RC7BYC is the resistor version of that plug, and
so the NGK replacement would be the BCPR7ET.  This is an edu-
cated guess on my part, based on the fact that every Champion
"R" plug was cross-referenced to an NGK "R" plug in NGK's book.
I don't know for certain how Champion's ID system works.

The "T" in the NGK designation is for a triple ground electrode.
NGK lists in their '95 application guide a BCP7ES for some
imports including some Alfas (the "S" designates a standard
single ground electrode of the usual diameter) (2.6 mm?).  They
list a BCPR7ET for Porsches.  No model(s) specified in either

I hope this helps.

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