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X1/9 head removal

In a message dated 98-01-30 22:26:25 EST, you write:

<< Moreover, I have recently aquired an Fiat X1-9 ( some one gave it to me 
 for free- can't go wrong)  this car is in good condition, except for the 
 head gasket. I can't seem to get this thing off. I have tried oiling the 
 head for the last couple of days, however, no luck. Does anyone have 
You have two options, 1 buy the special tool for head removal, I've never used
it can't tell you how well it does or doesn't work, 2  remove  the remaning
five studs, You can do this either with a stud removal tool those these tend
to mess up the threads or you can do the 2 locking nuts trick to back them out
my  preference.

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