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Re:X1/9 head removal

In a message dated 98-01-30 22:26:25 EST, you write:

<< free- can't go wrong)  this car is in good condition, except for the 
 head gasket. I can't seem to get this thing off. I have tried oiling the 
 head for the last couple of days, however, no luck. Does anyone have 
            The main thing keeping your head from comming off is corrosion
   on the head studs.This happens to all of them. If you can double-nut
    the studs and turn them out you have the problem whipped. Otherwise
    put lots of liquid wrench around the studs, remove the cam housing
    ( the valves can't open and hit the pistons now) and turn the engine over
     which hopefully will use the compression to force the head up.
              Good luck!
                  Mark Manley

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