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Re: italian-cars-digest V7 #37

In a message dated 98-01-29 18:30:12 EST, you write:

<< Fiats are less expensive than any of the comparable motors to build; lotus
 twin cam, Cosworth, Alfa, Super V..., but still not cheap.  Expect to spend
 $8,000.00- $10,000.00 U.S. for a really hot twin cam race motor, about half
 that much for a hot street motor.  Horsepower isn't cheap!!!
Just wondering where the 8 to 10 K price tag came from. Is this the price to
have a garage build it or is it for a motor done in your own shop. I built a
X1/9 motor, which I admit a scrouged for used webers, and a 1116 head. bought
the header on sale from IAP. I did buy the pistons, cams  etc at garage
prices. I ported and polished the head myself. Made the aluminum flywheel.
Bench flowed the head and dynoed the engine at the university i was attending,
which helped in tuning. In the end I had a motor that put out 135 BHP and
130ft-lb of torque.  All for an investment of less than 2 grand cash.
Admittedly it took some skill and hunting, but with enough ingenuity an engine
does not require 8 grand to build.

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