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Hoax virus warnings

Cha and everybody,

My appologies for the post to the entire list, but I feel a quick note may save us from future posts of this

Cha McCormack wrote:

> italian-cars-digest     Tuesday, January 27 1998     Volume 07 : Number 035
>         Fw: VIRUS WARNING ! this is for real guys from a friend at Telecom Ireland Admin. Very Important

Sorry Cha, but these are not real viruses - the message is a hoax, no matter who you got it from - some
friends of mine recently showed me this one because they got it from someone who works at IBM.  It's still a

Have a look at where you'll find a list of hoax viruses - these two are in
the list.

Never believe these types of virus warnings - but do be sensible about what you do - ie opening an email
cannot give your computer a virus - but the attachments to that email can (of course if your email package
automatically extract attachments then be carefull).
 IF you do get an email like this, get more information before passing on the message - visit sites like the
Symantec one to check it out first.  There are also other reliable sites around with similar information.

Apologies again for the off-topic post

Duncan Simpson
71 Fiat 124 Coupe

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