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Yugos, Le Cars and wasted bandwidth

Re:  What is a Yugo worth?
Very little. Under $1000. You can buy decent ones for about $750.
Drivetrain parts are easily sourced from your parts stash. Be sure to
check for blown head gasket/cracked head, bad syncros or slipping
clutch. All common Yugo maladies. Although the FI ones run better, I
would opt for a carbed model as the FI engines have a goofy ignition
system I don't think you can find parts for. Sometimes the carb jets
will back out and make the thing not run; an easy fix that most people
never figure out. Replace the timing belt, as it is an interference
engine. Backup lights corrode and will be junk; quarter window latches
usually are broken. Your only source of body and trim parts is your
Not the horrible car most people think they are, but be prepared for a
lot of ribbing from the uneducated.

Re: Le Cars and Ducellier parts
The only thing worse than Ducellier and Paris-Rhone is Lucas. Can't
count the number of alternators I used to get rebuilt for French cars
when there were actually some around. Never liked Renaults, Citroens
were too wild for me, but Peugeots were intriguing. Always like the
Mi16, but then it was a Pininfarina design :)
Never see an R5, Alliance or Fuego anymore, but do see the occasional
Puke-O about. Sometimes attrition is a good thing.

Re: Wasted Bandwidth
I've yet to see a Virus Alert that isn't a hoax. Even if it's real,
there's no need to post the entire thing to the digest. Better to simply
mention it and have us point our browsers to the proper place. 

Dwight Varnes
1970 124 Spider

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