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Fiat Brand Image

Paul's discourse on the intracacies of reintroducing Fiat are fascinating. 
It raises a few questions in my mind.

First, you mentioned that Fiat has a negative brand value now.  Not that I
doubt this, but I wonder, with the typically short memory span of the
american consumer, is the Fiat brand really negative, or is it
just neutral?

Second, if it is negative or netural, could there be a low. long term
investment strategy that could be developed as ground work for re-entry. 
Sponsorship of some sport, possibly?  Along this line, can anything be
intreperted from Fiat's presence at high brow events (Concours Italiano)
and low brow events (last summer's Freak Out)?

It seems unlikely that The USA market is very attractive to Fiat at this
point, but Never say Never.  Who'd a thought 15 years ago Compaq would buy
out Digital?  Bad analogy, but anything can happen!

Damon Kane
1982 X1/9

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