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Guy Croft Book and tuning...

Ed --

> I do Dwight... I've had these available since December 1996 (over a
> year... How many of us are really going to go and spend $3000 or more
> building a "trick" dry sump, Volumex, twin cam
> engine? I know it happens but a book like this could only have come
> from England!

why England ?

hmmm ...

in ITALY you can see blueprinted Abarth engines fitted in small cute AS
in GERMANY I've seen once a fuel injected volumex with 160+ hp...
in FRANCE my friend Bruno changed his engine in a way (48 Webers, 10.5:1
Pistons etc etc.) that it eats tyres and rear axles...
a fax was sent to me recently form DENMARK offering a Fiat Twincam
engine upgraded to a "poor mans GTO" with a twin-turbo ...

to me this seems to be more a european desease... :-):-):-)

ciao ciao,

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