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re: 124 rear mufflers

Ansa vs. Stebro vs. FAZA

Ansa used to be an excellent muffler, but sadly I think their quality
has decreased somewhat from the mufflers they made in the seventies. The
last a bit longer than the OE ones, but are not obtrusively loud. In
fact, I'd like mine to be a bit noisier.

I have a Stebro in my parts stash that uses larger diameter tubing and I
believe will be much louder than the Ansa. I seem to remember a local
car having one of these "way back when" and it was very racy.

I can only caution you about FAZA, as the only muffler I ever ordered
from Al was for a BMW. It looked like a stock muffler, and was obviously
an old but unused one that had been repainted. You could tell from the
finish it had started to rust. Turns out that Al's warehouse in New York
had a leaky roof, and a lot of the exhaust pieces got rusty. He is still
selling off a lot of this old stock now from California. I don't know
that he has purchased any new Daytona exhaust in years. This according
to Andy Smith, who used to work for Al until they had an unfriendly

Dwight Varnes
1970 124 Spider (restored)
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