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Guy Croft

>Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 07:17:09 -0500
>From: Dwight Varnes <xmxbreed@domain.elided>
>Subject: New Guy Croft book
>In the new Classic Motorbooks catalog there is a listing for:
>"Modifying and Tuning Fiat/Lancia Twin Cam Engines" by Guy Croft. 256
>pages with 700+ photos. It is item #123928AE and is priced at $79.95
>This book may not be available yet as Motorbooks has a habit of
>advertising things before they are available. 
>Anyone know any more about this?
>Dwight Varnes
>1970 124 Spider
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Yes, it is available at UKP 39.95 + shipping in Europe.   Not a bad book -
lots of info and pictures, not sure about the 700 though - never counted.
We can supply if necessary.

However Guy Croft has stopped working on engines because he never made any
money, and has gone back into research.


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