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Announcing the first annual Euro-Horsepower Roundup at the Dallas Polo
Club, sponsored by the MAFFIA (Maserati Alfa Ferrari Fiat Italian
Automobile) Club.  
The date of the show is June 13.  We plan to include ALL European marques.  
We are interested in getting as many car clubs involved as possible.  

The MAFFIA Club planning party is Saturday, January 24 in Plano.  This party 
is to both schedule the club events for the year and to serve as the kickoff 
for the Car Show.  You are invited to join us on Saturday @5:30 PM to start 
off the year and the show!

We will also have dinner planning meetings as soon as all Euro clubs have 
been notified.  

Please give us a call (972-985-0573) or e-mail haasm@domain.elided.

MAFFIA EHR Committee

Marcia Haas
Rodney Haas
Shelly Roy

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