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James belt woes

>The other day I got my X 1/9 out an took it for a spin. While making a 
>sharp lefthand turn I heard this awful squeeling sound coming from the 
>engine compartment. 

The same thing happened to me with my X1/9.  Check the tension on the
belts and tighten them if needed.  I'm fairly sure that it is a slipping
belt and not a bearing.  If the belts have slipped very long, you may
need to replace them.  You might want to also replace the splash gaurds
if you have not already.  The X has splash gaurds on the belt side as
well as the tranny side.
Good luck
Brett Melancon
Art Director
Freeman Melancon Bryant Advertising
Knoxville, Tennessee
East Tennessee Italian Car Club, President
91 Alfa Romeo 164S (hauler)
91 Nissan Pathfinder (Family hauler)
81 Fiat X1/9 (RHD, Imported from England on the QE2)
85 Bertone X1/9 (experiment on rust and Italian cars)
96 "Fiat" Lawnmoweropia (12.5hp red convertible)
49 Caddy pedal car (Token American Iron)

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