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Roger --

I'm looking for these for ages now.... all I was able to locate is a
source for the air cleaner decal (blue - used on carbed engines). So I'd
greatly appreciate if you could (if somebody is able to help you) let 
me know the sources or forward me the scans !!! Thanks !

- btw I painted around the '79 emmision control sticker.... 

In general it is possible to remove the decals if you somehow can heaten
them (e.g. by using an industry heating fan) from the rear side. That's
what I did with the paint code sticker inside the hood, catalyst
sticker, tire pressure decal etc. . But this doesn't work if the sticker
is located in a hot area like the airfilter :-(  -- this because the
original glue is then somehow resistent against heat and won't peel
off... and it also doesn't work if they are not made out of paper -
because this which has the tendency to burn :-o


> Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 08:36:52 -0500
> From: fiatracer@domain.elided (Roger W Hoffmann)
> Subject: Decal availability
> Does anyone know the availability  of the three decals (Olio Fiat,
> Emission Control, Ignition Coil Danger) that is located on the cowl?
> anyone  tried scanning these decals? I would hate to paint around
> decals if I know they are still available through some form or
> What about carefully removing  the existing decals and then reapplying
> them? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  
> Thanks!
> Roger Hoffmann
> fiatracer@domain.elided

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