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Re: italian-cars-digest V7 #25

In a message dated 98-01-10 21:24:20 EST, you write:

<< If anyone has a favorite repair facility for their Fiat, let me know. >>
Ok here is my list of ital people to work on your cars

Gary baucom,
Fiat alfa-romeo specialty
matthews (near charlotte) NC
Gary's son john was SCCA EP champ last year in a 124 spider this year he sat
on the pole but spun in some oil dry on the first lap. Gary can be somewhat
abrasive but knows his stuff.

Peter Krause
Krause and England
durham NC
Peter Perfers alfas and ferraris, but would work on a fiat if he had to and he
knows the cars well. NOT cheap.

Steve Furst
Fiat Auto Service
Resada (LA) CA
Steve is an all around fiat guy, especially good on 850 variants.

Matt Horan
Mille Motori
Highland park (LA) CA
These guys specialize in the 500, 600 variants. I don't think that they even
work on anything else but you can try them. nice blokes.

and of course me 
 Kevin Harper
Palmdale (Mojave desert near LA) CA
professionally I'm an engineer for the skunkworks at lockheed, but to blow off
stress of working on planes I do a fair amount of work on various ital cars.
Current projects include a 308GT4, Milano and an 850 spider.


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