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RE: polishing aluminum parts

>From: einarp@domain.elided (Einar privat) wrote:

>>I am taking the heads off of a Mazerati V-6, and would like to take the
>>opportunity to polish parts up. Does anyone have a favorite method for
>>a.) cleaning grime off all kinds of aluminum
>Immerse and let soak in diesel.
>Clean with a good engine cleaner.
>Use a stiff plastic brush. (Don't throw away your old toothbrushes/nailbrushes)
>Don't use steel or brass brushes.
>Use hot water.
>If you use caustic solutions, be very careful. They *eat* aluminum.

A good example of this is "Greased Lighting". It stains aluminum immiedietly.

>>b.) polishing smooth aluminum castings
>Don't. They look awful if you don't commit to continually polishing.
>And remember you're talking about an engine where you cannot access
>all areas that you can see.

You are so right! I learned the hard way. A friend was polishing every
aluminum part on his Triumph Bonneville so I went hog wild on my Fiat.

I polished the top brass radiator portion and the brass throttle plate
heater on my Spider then went over it with Eastwood's clearcoat spray. Those
items have held up very well.

I decided to polish the cam covers which looked great at first. I
clearcoated them also but when I sprayed engine degreaser on them it took
the clearcoat right off. Now it looks like crap.

I should have allowed the paint to cure but Freakout 96 was just one week
away so I took a chance and lost.

If you do decide to polish anything aluminum, spray it with Eastwood's
clearcoat. It's been on the radiator for almost 2 years and hasn't turned
yellow or flaked off.

If your car is not a "trailer queen", a term I recently learned which is
used to describe cars owned by people who just take them to car shows on
trailers and never drive them on a regular basis and enjoy them, I'd say
don't waste you time on polishing anything in the engine compartment.

If you want to polish something, polish the wheels.

Check my webpage for photos of items I have polished on my Spider.

James Seabolt -----> mailto:jseabolt@domain.elided

United States

1980 FIAT 2000 Spider (injected)
1981 FIAT X 1/9 (Injected)
1994 JEEP Wrangler (2.5l )
1976 Chevrolet Pickup (454 Big Block)

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