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Fuel lines inside Spider

William C. Macfarland wrote:
>I found something odd this past weekend. A friend's parts car (manufactured
>two months after mine) had gas lines that passed inside the car.  The tubing
>came in just behind the drivers seat and went out up in the fire wall. Is
>this something I should consider doing? Is it safer to pass the gas lines
>through the inside of the car? Perhaps this was somekind of repair made
>years ago on this car, and it wasn't manufactured this way.
My 77 Spider (late production) also has fuel lines that run through the interior of the car.  This looks to be factory.  My 76 had the lines running up the drive shaft tunnel outside the car.  Is this common on all later Fiat Spiders (or did ol' Guido mis-read the prints on his first couple of days on the production line back in 77)?  The line goes from metal to hose and back to metal for about a foot.  It kind of gives the car the smell of gas if I leave the windows up while it is in storage. 
77 Fiat Spider
86 Mitsubishi PU
93 Eagle Vision
(and about 1/2 76 Spider lying around the house)

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