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Lancia wheels on X1/9

Lancia Beta wheels will definitely fit on an X1/9, but I don't feel 
they are a good choice; any 14" wheel for that matter.  They are only 
5-1/2" wide, with a 4.66" backspace (mounting surface to outer lip) 
compared to 4.25" on a stock X1/9 Alloy.  So, ideally they need to be 
moved out by at least 10mm.  This could be done by simply adding two 
additional spacers per wheel (three total) and using extra long bolts. 
 Unfortunately, adding additional spacers not only adds unwanted 
weight, but will prohibit the wheel from engaging with the hub, and 
balance problems will be likely.  To remedy this, an expensive custom 
aluminum spacer incorporating a lip to center the wheel would need to 
be made, in addition to special long bolts.  

Tire selection is also very limited, if not non-existent.  A 185/60-13 
is just about the ideal dimension for an X1/9.  The only 14" tire that 
comes close is a 185/60-14; no wider but an inch taller.  This is not 
what we're trying to accomplish.  A taller tire will not only rub more, 
but will lower the car's marginal performance.  On the other hand, a 
Lancia Scopion's 13*5.5" wheel makes an ideal wheel for an X1/9.  I 
used them on both my X1/9s and really like the way their "X" shape 
accentuates the X1/9.  Best of all, they're a well built ITALIAN wheel 
and readily available.

Mark Rawlings

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