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Spider Fuel/brake lines

I just received my tools for bending and cutting the tubing to replace me
'77 Spider brake and fuel lines.  Now I have to select my tubing. There's 
two choices: steel tubing and coated steel tubing.  Is there any reason
why I wouldn't go with coated tubing?

I found something odd this past weekend. A friend's parts car (manufactured
two months after mine) had gas lines that passed inside the car.  The tubing
came in just behind the drivers seat and went out up in the fire wall. Is
this something I should consider doing? Is it safer to pass the gas lines
through the inside of the car? Perhaps this was somekind of repair made 
years ago on this car, and it wasn't manufactured this way.

I plan on removing the engine and trans as a unit to get access to the
brake and fuel lines.  I've purchased and screw type "leveler" to use with
the engine lift.  Any secrets to making the job go smoothly?

On the timing belt cover thread, I had a '75 coupe with a metal cover.  The
only cars I've seen with plastic covers are '78 and on. Fiat probably put the 
metal covers in the earlier cars to protect mechanics from exploding cam shaft 
plastic pulleys.

On the NC emissions and registration thread, the only way to answer the 
question is to call up the county Motor Vehicle Customer Service line for
title issues and Motor Vehicle Enforcement number for emissions and 
inspection issues.  Every county is different.  In Wake county, emissions
are measured at the tailpipe and they check to make sure you have all the
equipment too (for cars back to '74 or so).

Thanks for the help,
brakeless Bill in NC
'77 Spider

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