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While there's some discussion about the LE Spiders, I thought I give
everyone an update on how my Registry is going.

I currently have 74 LE Fiat Spider owners registered throughout the world
most recently a gentleman contacted me from Peru to register. Listed
below are the locations and LE count:

USA 		36
Germany		27
Junk Yard		  5
Canada		  2
England	 	  1
Austria	 	  1
Netherlands	  1
Peru		  1

I recently sent out letters to Pininfarnia and Fiat requesting
verification of 152 VIN that were given to me from a friend in
Germany.(Did I hear someone say... Good Luck!). These were the New Jersey
flood cars that were purchased by a company in Munich and re-sold.
Unfortunately the purchase order did not include the LE numbers.

Also, I sent some information to Phil Ward & AutoItalia Magazine about
the car including original sales brochures, Registry information etc.
Keep your eyes open for article to hopefully appear. 

Restoration of my LE #288 is finally moving ahead with hopes of bringing 
it down to FFO '98 in Fontana, NC. 

Anyone who owns an LE or knows the whereabouts of one and has not
registered, registration is free and I include a certificate with the 
owners name and LE number.

Anyone know why the LE's  were made in June and July of 1980,  put was
then badged a 1981 car?

Thanks for everyone's help!

Hey Sam.  Can you pass the pictures of the LE key fob my way? Thanks!

Roger Hoffmann

FOR SALE: SCCA GT5  Fiat 128 SL Coupe

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