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132 vs. 124 hubs

Stephen --

> I hope some FIAT parts expert can field this question.

I just got in that area by chance (ahem.... by accident, the hub on my
Spider got crashed during a recent accident).

> I've got some spindles from a FIAT 132, and I was told that 124 hubs
> and bearings may fit.  The outer bearing (nearest the axle nut) race
> on the spindle is the same on both, however the inner bearing race 
> is 6 mm bigger in diameter on the 132 (32 mm vs. 26 mm).  Is it 
> possible that the 132 uses the same hub (FIAT casting no. 08658) but
> with a different inner bearing?

In germany you cannot get new 124 hubs anymore from FIAT but 132's --
they are for sure different, at least this is what my Fiat dealer tells
me. If you need I can look up the Fiat part number and price of the 132
hubs, then you should be able to get it via the usual US dealers.


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