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Re: X 1/9, Wheels/Lancia wheels

#Anyone out there know if Lancia 14" wheels will fix on a stock X?  (A
#of Lancia wheels, apparently 14X6 have surfaced, though I have yet to
#Bolt pattern the same?
#If they do fit is it worth the trouble and expense to get the 50 series
#tires that I think you'd need to fit ?

I pulled a set of 14x6 rims off a lancia beta coupe.
They were aftermarket rims, MOMOs, actually, with hopes
of putting them on my X1/9.  

They had 215/60 tires on them, and they *barely* fit on
the rear of my X1/9.  If there is anything resembling a 
bump in the road prepare to introduce sheet metal to rubber.

The front had some trouble - I couldn't mount them.
IIRC (~5yrs since I tried), the interference was from the 
sidewall of the tire rubbing on the spring. I think I 
was about 3/8" away but the details are all kinda fuzzy !

Maybe 185's would do it ?

BTW: Swing by southern Maine and you can try em on.

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