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Ital in NC

In a message dated 98-01-04 22:12:37 EST, you write:

 can anybody direct me to italian car resources in North Carolina? Triad area
 would be best. Any chance that my Lancia Zagato from Canada pass emission
 tests and get it titled here? If not, anybody is selling a Zagato in the
 area? I'm in High Point. >>

Having just sold my much loved but 3000 mile away lancia in NC I know of a few
people.  The Lancia was sold to John Hooper, who is an Ital car nut in GSO,
and should be  able to hook you up with a few like minded individuals. John
can be reached at the Mercedes service center in GSO, sorry don't have his
number. Failing that you can always try peter Krause in Durham. His place of
business is called Krause and England. NC has a lot of great roads but
emission suck in the triad area, move out of guilford and forsyth county would
be the easist way to get a car legal.

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