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BiTurbo wanted

Hello again-  It seems it's once again time for me to ask my recurrent

Does anybody out there know of (or have) a BiTurbo for sale?

I'd like to stay under $5K, and would prefer an injected car (of course...)
but I could live with either a coupe or sedan (preference being for the
former), but don't care for the spyder (hope I spelled it right-  I think
Maser used a Y)

I'm in Indiana, but anything within about 1000 miles could be considered.
If you're in the Bay area I _might_ be able to swing a deal as I'm out there
a few times a year-  early in March being my next westward swing.

Damn, that's gotta be a long drive....even (especially?) in a 'new'

Don Happel      zelatore@domain.elided
Shemp Mo-Din Italian Motorsports -
95 Magna - 93 Lightning - 88 Milano Verde - 83 GTV6 - assorted Alfettas

"It's good to go very fast" - Peter Egan

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