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italian-cars-digest V7 #21

Message text written byJames Seabolt

>So it's got to be one of these things:

1) production is actually closer to 500,000.
2) most of the spiders built were sold in the Southeastern United States.
3) these cars have been sitting for years and people are getting them back
on the road.
4) Spiders are darn good cars and don't wear out. So 4/5 of them are still
on the road (yet everybody's got a part's car).<

James, Your theories make the X files seem tame.  Actually I got a good
laugh from your ideas, and I have to admit the logic is not too bad.  I got
into pretty hot water once when I offered my compilation of published X 1/9
production figures.  After everyone jumped on me I still didn't hear a
credible argument so I stick to the (possibly inflated) production figure
that Bertone claims of 180,000.  As for Pininfarina,  like Bertone, I can
think of no reason for them to under claim their production of a particular
model and many reasons to over state their actual production.  In the case
of the latter, the more cars they claim , the more prestige the get, and
the better they can use the model to convince a possible client that they
can produce a cheap sports car in numbers.

Just my 2 cents


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