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Christmas gifts received

My stocking was suitably filled with some I-car goodies:

"Essential Fiat 124 Spider & Coupe" by Martin Buckley, just published
and available from Classic Motorbooks. I haven't read it yet, but in
paging through I don't seen any shocking new insights. A blend of press
photos and shots of British cars, it seems to be a nice, general history
of the cars and is well suited to the novice enthusiast. Not much
technical advice other than a chapter on purchasing. It does, however,
have a very extensive chapter on the Abarth rally cars with several
photos I haven't seen before. 

Vitesse has made a 1/32 replica of the rally car also. I have the 1975
Monte Carlo version driven by Hannu Mikkola. It is incredibly detailed
and accurate and only goes for about $20-25. Also got a Lancia Stratos
street car by Vitesse; I would expect competition versions soon.

>From Rio came a 67 Fulvia 1300 HF that is very nice. Has several
seperate pieces for wipers, mirrors, door handles, etc. that greatly
enhance it. Hood opens to show the yellow cam cover engine. Very nice,
though getting a bit pricey at $32 compared to the Vitesse. Available
from EWA.

Vitesse cars are sold by Doug Schellinger who is on the list.

I'll have a more detailed review of the book after I read it.

Hope everyone found sway bars, Ansa exhausts and new Webers under their
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