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Maserati Biturbo distributor

Hi everyone

I have an 84 Biturbo which has a distributor with only a vacuum
chamber and without a pressure chamber. The engine, which is not
the original one, seems the "conventional" 2 liter of the biturbos.
In fact, it looks exactly the original one (which blew some time ago).
Can this engine be a "true" Biturbo engine?

With this engine, I noted that fast accelerations above 4000 rpm lead
to ignition cut off, which is what I would expect from an engine
with a distributor that does not have a pressure unit.

Does anyone know if I can use, in this engine, a "conventional"
Biturbo distributor, that is one having a pressure chamber?

I have some "codes" written in the body of the distributors:

   SM816AX -> 2L    for the one without pressure chamber
   SM816AXY -> -3N   for the onne with pressure chamber

Does anyone know the interpretation (if any) of these codes?

Thanks in advance and a Happy new year everyone.


                              Joao Sequeira

      Instituto Superior Tecnico / Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica
tel.: 351-1-8418057    fax.: 351-1-8418291

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