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Lancia weekend teasers

1a.      What was the Lancia A10?
b.       Was it front, mid or rear engined?
c.       What feature, a Lancia patent, does it share with the McLaren F1
d.       What feature does it share with many buses?

2a.      What was Lancia tipo 4?
b.       To what was it fitted to?
c.       What is the engine size, power and cylinder layout?
d.       What was tipo 5?

3.       What was the Lancia Lince?

4.       Why were the Lancia Montecarlo Gp. 5 cars racing in the 2 litre
catagory, when their engine size was 1.4 litres.

5.       What was Abarth project 038?

6.       What was the Aurelia B60S and who was it for?

Answers next week,

Andrew Cliffe

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