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re: rear axle confusion on 124s

The boost-crazed James Seabolt wrote:
> When I first read this note, I was under the impression he was talking about
> the piece of sheet metal below the rear bumper and never thought of a
> mechanical unit because the axle is a complete unit and is not broken into 3
> sections.
Now you've completely lost me. Are you talking about the diff cover on
the axle??

> Chris' instructions says to drop the axle and the pumpkin will fall right
> out. Why is this? Why do you have to drop the axle to remove the ring and
> pinion?
I'm pretty certain he is referring to the old design (pre-79). 

> The O rings are leaking on mine. How do you extract the axle shafts in order
> to replace them. I can't figure out to hook anything on them? The end of the
> shaft is in the shape of a bowl and has a slot or a raised slot.
I've seen a slide hammer used on the end of the shaft, by attaching it
in some way to where the wheel bolts go in. These can be a bugger to get
> Is it possible to extract these shafts without disturbing the ring and
> pinion? In other words can I just pull them out and pop them back in?
Yes. So far as I know (and I'm guessing, based on experience with a
Pinto of all things) that the axles are held into the center section by
circlips on the shaft ends. When you shove the axle back in, the spring
clip depresses enough to pop into a retaining groove in the center
section. I think. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
With my 66 Chevy truck, we had to pull the axle shafts out to do any
work on the brakes...a real PITA only because it was messy. I would only
remove one side at a time, as in some instances the axle shaft will hold
the diff carrier in place within the case. Pull both out at the same
time, and the carrier will clunk to the bottom, making reinstallation
nearly impossible. Don't know if that is the case with the Fiat.

> Also Chris says not to use mix and match axles from 68-78s and 79s-85s. I
> believe the reason is because the driveshafts are not the same length. If
> that's the case, then why not use the driveshaft that matches the axle?

Why not indeed. That, some lower shock mounting brackets, and the
transverse rod are all that is needed to swap axles between years. 
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