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RE: rear for 81 spider

Dwight Varnes <xmxbreed@domain.elided> wrote:

>> Hi all, I'm looking for a rear end center section for a '81 Fiat =
>> Spider. It needs to be a drop in and go, good condition unit. It's for a =
>> friend who isn't connected to the Internet. If you have or know of one =
>> please let me know. 
>Sorry, but it ain't possible. You either need the whole axle, or have to
>have the ring and pinion professionally installed as separate parts.
>There is no removable center section unless the car was backdated to an
>earlier axle.

I'm confused here. I was reading Chris Obert's guide to installing ring and
pinion units and afterwards got confused even more.

When I first read this note, I was under the impression he was talking about
the piece of sheet metal below the rear bumper and never thought of a
mechanical unit because the axle is a complete unit and is not broken into 3

Chris' instructions says to drop the axle and the pumpkin will fall right
out. Why is this? Why do you have to drop the axle to remove the ring and

The O rings are leaking on mine. How do you extract the axle shafts in order
to replace them. I can't figure out to hook anything on them? The end of the
shaft is in the shape of a bowl and has a slot or a raised slot.

Is it possible to extract these shafts without disturbing the ring and
pinion? In other words can I just pull them out and pop them back in?

Also Chris says not to use mix and match axles from 68-78s and 79s-85s. I
believe the reason is because the driveshafts are not the same length. If
that's the case, then why not use the driveshaft that matches the axle?

James Seabolt -----> mailto:jseabolt@domain.elided

United States

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1981 FIAT X 1/9 (Injected)
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