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Re: italian-cars-digest V7 #8

Randy Wrote:
 when i read the icd , and , see that other like minded individuals are still
interested in sharing  experiences centered on what's left of these wonderfully
engineered autos . lets just say , i'd hate to see the show called for the lack of
interest . it would be ironic .

best regards ,
randy mangum
'71 124 coupe
'77 scorpion

I wonder what makes us tick, other than we like to drive fun cars. Most people
just don't get it. They look at your car and say, "No airbags, no ABS, no A/C,
no power this or power that. How can you drive such a car?"

At least it's gotten to the point were most italian cars left in the US are
owned by people like us. Maybe that will keep the numbers from dwindling too


76 Lancia Beta Scorpion 1800 (Bambino - in hibernation)
76 Lancia Beta Scorpion 2000 (Old Blue - Roaming the streets of NH)
84 Bertone X1/9 (in hibernation)

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